27 May 2005

Arnold Schwarzenegger can't speak English

Arnold Schwarzenegger publicly apologized for his statement that California should "close the borders" with Mexico to control illegal immigration.

Schwarzenegger said about his comment "I meant 'securing' our borders, not 'closing' them."

Whoopsee-daisy Arnie! Slight difference between securing and closing a border!!

Maybe it's time to go back to pamping iyan and ruining movies with your terrible acting.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Austrians and politics do not mix.

Hitler was an Austrian customs official who was responsible for making sure people did not get into his lovely little country. He went on to become the despotic leader of Natzi Germany which was signally incapable of respecting any of the immigration laws of any other country whatsoever.

Now look at out our dear Arnie.

Not only is he is Austrian but he clearly has a bee in his bonnet about immigration. He also has political aspirations in a warlike country that is not his own and which conveniently appears xenophobic and hell-bent on spreading its political ideology to all who do not want to listen, flouting all sovereign mores and international rules of law.

Arnie is also a self-absorbed megalomaniac with hysteric tendencies bordering on schizophrenia.

The parallels are undeniable.

If Arnie grows a tash and a fringe then I am off to live on the moon.

Let’s hope Arnie also shoots himself in the head.


2:48 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You guys are really prejudice. He is an excellent actor and anybody can make a cockup. You guys never made mistakes.

3:11 am  

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