25 May 2005

Billy Zane Running for President

AWESOME! Could you imagine Billy Zane as the most powerful man in the world?

Actually, maybe not so great, I'm still so scared of Zane from the movie Dead Calm, if he became President he might use all his power to buy sailing boats and kill people.

Or maybe he'll follow the Titanic plot and become a psycho on a cruise liner.

What's going on? This guy spends his life killing people on boats, no doubt the American people (who have a taste for murder) will see that as endearing and vote for him.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What America needs is a strong leader with good acting skills if the US is to achieve total world democratisation and the complete destruction of the Axis of Evil.

Look at Ronald Regan and all of the great things he achieved. He killed far more people than Bush. He was a great actor who used his acting for the good of democracy. Bush is just a silly ex-alcoholic who can’t even talk proper.

Forget Bill Zane. I vote Pete North for president. Either him or Rocco Siffredi. Both have great acting skills and clearly love democracy.


5:04 pm  

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