24 May 2005

Michael Jackson is Innocent

ok, so maybe he isn't innocent but by the looks of the latest evidence he's probably just a poor little rich weirdo who likes sleeping with children but not with children....

I mean look what he's done to his face. He can't possibly be completely sane if he would prefer to look like a freaky doll from my nightmares than a normal guy.

who knows.... the saga continues... one thing's for sure though... the freak can dance.


Blogger J&M said...

Just because he has a face like a smashed crab there is not need to be horrible to him or say that he is mad.

You cannot call into question people’s sanity hate people just because they are ugly. Look at our future queen. She has a face like a rotweiler chewing a hornet and I have never heard you so much as address the question of her mental well-being.

In fact, Prince Charles is the crazed one if you ask me.

Come on, let’s not be horrid to people just because they are so ugly the mere sight of their faces makes you vomit.

We should vent our anger at those who warrant it, such as kiddie-fiddlers, Germans and ginger people.


4:29 pm  

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