31 May 2005

Oliver Stoned

Oliver Stone has been arrested over the weekend for DUI and possessing an illegal substance. He's now out on bail.

They are not disclosing what the illegal substance is until test results are back.

But then again, judging by the sheer abomination that was "Alexander", I would probably be totally smacked up 24/7 if I was him.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am in two minds as to whether:

a) Ollie was completely ripped to shreds whilst making the film and that is why it is so rubbish; or
b) he is now so off his tits because he made such a film and is now completely embarrassed.

Anyway, whatever Ollie is/was taking it is not as strong as the stuff you would have to simultaneously force up my nose; down my throat; into my lungs and my veins if you were going to try and get me watch Alexander again.


p.s. Has anyone else noticed that Ollie looks like an old, used-up, gay, crack-addict version of Alfred E. Neuman?

3:52 pm  

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