14 June 2005

Beat it!

First there was OJ Simpson. Next there was Kobe Bryant. Most recently, there has been the beleaguered accused-kiddie-fiddler Wacko Jacko.

All these celebrities have one thing in common: they were able to afford expensive legal teams to help them beat "raps" brought against them.

There is, however, one significant difference between them.

It is not that OJ was accused of murder and the other two were alleged sex offenders.

Neither is it that Kobe was innocent and the other two guilty.

No, the difference here is that the first two are black and MJ is pale shade of greyish beige.

Jacko smirking

Who says minorities don't get equal treatment in the US justice system?

It is nice to see Michael with a smile on his face again rather than that pained "my face hurts all over" grimace that he has been wearing for the last four months.


Blogger Roximoon said...

wow.. I cant say anything more then wow.. Can he get any scarier??

1:42 am  

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