06 June 2005

Brooke Shields hates Tom Cruise

Brooke Shields has been having a massive go at Tom Cruise on two accounts.

1. Tom dating a baby
Referring to Katie Holmes she has mentioned "If he wants to see Chicago, I've left him two tickets - one adult, one child."

2. Tom's crazy religion
Referring to Tom practicing Scientology she says that she wouldn't take advice from someone who "devotes his life to aliens".

What's her problem? If Tom wants to date little girls and worship extra-terrestrial life why can't he?

In fact, if Tom wants to date aliens and worship little boys why can't he?

He's Tom Cruise for god's sake, he can do what he wants.


Blogger J&M said...

A cautionary note.

Looking like an alien and dating small boys got one well known celebrity into hot water recently!


4:50 pm  

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