07 June 2005

Bush in Back-Door Diplomacy Fiasco

Reading between the lines a recent report reveals that the United States may be secretly planning to sodomise Kim Yong Ill, possibly with President Bush leading the push, if Pyongyang does not give up its nuclear weapons.

Further reading between the lines it appears that five other nations may join the fray in what would be the biggest international multi-lateral buggering of a head-of-state since Alexander the Great arrived in Babylon.

When asked a source stated that he/she did not think that anal intercourse with the North Korean tyrant would have the desired effect. The source revealed, "he [Kim Yong] loves polishing that rocket and Mr. Bush attempting to foist himself upon him will only make him grab onto it tighter."



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well. It seems to have worked. As of this morning Pyongyang have returned to the negotiating table.

Perhaps Bush should use his tool rather than his exorcet more in the future.

8:48 am  

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