20 June 2005

Live fast... Die! Die!!!

When will Leonardo DiCaprio top himself and crown a glittering career to achieve Absolut stardom?

River Phoenix did it through drugs. Oliver Reeve did it through booze. Michael Hutchenson did it having a tug. Freddie Mercury did it with AIDS. Michael Jackson is doing it through surgery of the face and Tom Cruise is doing it through Scientology of the mind and generally being a complete twat.

Leo, like those before him, must cash in his chips in an inventive manner in order to achieve real celebrity status.

How will he go?

I'm personally holding out for a car-fire.

Leo must die


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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2:20 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ooOOooOOooh, I wonder why the previous post was removed....

8:43 pm  

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