08 June 2005

Loose Lips Sink Blockbuster Movies

Angelina Jolie is a stupid rubber-lipped maniac, or so her legal advisors fear.

I am amazed that someone could be considered so stupid that others might fear that an instant of f*ckwittery on their part could ruin a US$100,000,000 box office grab.

Think again.

Jolie is so dense her lawyers insisted that reporters attending a news conference to promote her new film sign wide-ranging agreements providing that her comments would "not be used in a manner that is disparaging, demeaning or derogatory."

I know her lips are notoriously large but surely they cannot literally sink stuff. F*ck me bandy, I thought that was just an old wives' tale.

The Titanic before Angelina got her kissers around it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who cares what her lawyers say/do/insist upon...the girl can suck a golf ball through a hose pipe...more than enough to merit my attention.

I will pass your confused sentiments onto Angelina when she passes through Singapore tomorrow for a night of wild animal sex with yours truly. But that is a very different kind of tongue-wagging.

Sorry fot eh pun, but I bet i'll have a jolie good time!!

9:55 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

People wonder why we rip on celebrities, when all around there are pages of shit glorifying celebrities like Winona Ryder. And celebrities view themselves as the fucking Mozart’s of their time. Even fucking Ray Ramono thinks he’s an enlightened individual. These people all think they’re enlightened artists and therefore speak for the country. But I haven’t met one celebrity who wasn’t a little bit fucked up. Actors and actresses are the worst, because they’re just fucking monkeys. Half the people in this country could do what they do but for some reason they think they’re opinion matters.

10:00 am  
Blogger J&M said...

Two great comments from Mr. Anonymous.

With regards to the first comment, however, I would say that if Mr. A is not man enough to put a name to his comment then he probably does not have a dick big enough to get past Jolie's lips (upper or lower).

I suspect, however, that he may derive some pleasure from the gap between her incisors.


8:47 pm  

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