11 June 2005

Old Fashioned Values

It is a sad day for the world when the only way to get/stay famous is to engage in criminal activity.

Two examples suffice.

First, I had not heard nor hide nor hair of Macaulay Culkin for ages until he pops up on my screen because he is up on charges of having half an oz of "medicine" on him.

Second, I had not even heard of Kim Jong Ill until the crazed curler-wearing madman claimed to have an atom bomb pointed at Seoul and sold drugs for profit.

Tyrant wears rollers and perms hair

I say we return to those good old-fashioned values where we chop the hands off thieves and stone birds for adultery.


Anonymous Typhoo said...

I doubt whether America would invade North Korea. There are three main reasons for this.

First, as soon as Kimmy saw troops amassing in the South they would flatten Seoul and most of northern South Korea.

Second, Beijing would let the Americans forge a stronghold in the region right on their doorstep.

Third, North Korea has no oil so Bush and co would not be able to plunder their resources to turn a nice little profit.

Surprisingly, however, American foreign policy does not appear hamstrung by this inability to bully and intimidate and making fun of Kim’s hair and silly "Dennis Taylor" glasses has proved remarkably effective.

1:01 pm  

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