27 June 2005

Revenge of the Jack

Michael Jackson has vowed revenge on those who tried to jail him recently.

In a message relayed through his brother, Jermaine, Michael said that he was "very upset" that people had called him "names" and said that he put his "fingers" inside little boys.

Jackson allegedy said he was going "to kick [Public Prosecutor] DA Sneddon's butt".

Who does Jackson think that he is kidding? He cannot kick Sneddon's butt any more than the Dulux puppy can arse-rape Alex Montefiore, a polar-bear-like, big brute of a lad if ever I saw one.

If Jackson really wants make Sneddon afraid he should start hanging around outside Sneddon Jnr's kindergarten with a bottle of Absinthe and a six-pack of Special Brew.

Artist's impression of Dulux
puppy rape victim


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