14 June 2005

Saddam acting like a spoilt brat

Saddam "the Butcher of Baghdad" Hussein looked relaxed and confident as a judge questioned him about the killings of dozens of Shia villagers (full report).

No doubt buoyed by the recent Michael "Houdini" Jackson acquittal Hussein appeared defiant, even pulling faces at the judge, apparently ignorant of the fact that he is in a maximum security jail about to be tried by a kangaroo court and then shot in the head by 12 frenzied mullahs and used as camel fodder.

Saddam should stop showing-off!

He should realise that everyone thinks that he looks like a scruffy, old tramp trying to get attention because someone stole "his" country and toppled "his" regime.

Tramp acting hard

He is acting as if he is the only person that this has ever happened to.

Saddam should take a leaf out of Tyson's book and quit while he is ahead.


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