06 June 2005

Saddam Prosecution Hit by Scud

Saddam Hussein, the tyrannical “Butcher of Baghdad”, may be freed on a legal technicality Iraqi legal experts have advised.

Mr Hussein is currently up on charges relating to:

- the 1990 invasion of Kuwait;
- genocide;
- mass murder;
- assassinating political opponents;
- his beard.

However, it is a peculiarity of Iraqi law that arrested persons must be formally charged within 30 days of their initial arrest and savage beating.

Unfortunately, Mr. Bush, and the rest of the world, appear have overlooked this point as Hussein has not been formally charged almost a year after his capture.

A Kurdish dissident when questioned on this possibility said that he would be "completely gutted" were Saddam to escape justice such a manner and went on to say that Bush and Blair were probably bear the blame "especially that Bush".



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