06 June 2005

US Not the Worst Country in the World

America, and in particular Bush, has been coming in for some harsh criticism in recent times due to its alleged "brazen flouting of international laws and basic human rights".

However, a recent report revealed that "the United States was by no means the sole or even the worst offender [of human rights] as murder, mayhem and abuse of women and children spread to the four corners of the globe".

If anything we should thank America for not being the worst country in the world, not have a massive go at them all the time and Amnesty International should bear this in mind when spreading their very mean stories about Guantanamo Bay being the "gulag of modern times" (full story).

How many other countries can boast to not being the worst in the world at abusing everyone and everything?

Just imagine how sad Bush must have felt when Amnesty International said all those nasty things about his beloved country. I am frankly impressed at the restraint he has shown in recent weeks. A lesser leader might, in the circumstances, be forgiven for "regime changing" a few oil-rich nations or simply flattening North Korea in a fit of pique.



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