02 June 2005

Victoria Beckham knows she's sh*t

Victoria Beckham is now releasing music under a different name!

So she's finally come to realise that no one likes her or her crappy "music".

Why doesn't she just give up and make a den out of $100 bills and gold chains?

Oh no, she's now trying to trick us with a pseudonym. How clever of her. But knowing her level of intelligence the new name will probably be Vectoria Bickem

She should worry less about her "music" and worry more about her lying, cheating, scumbag husband who's probably f*cking 3 other girls as you read this.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Victoria and David should be banned from further procreating. The world is in enough of state as it is without people like them being able to spread their thick-as-pigsh!t genes.


4:34 pm  

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