16 August 2005

Eminem Enrages Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is upset and hurt that Eminem played private love-messages she left on his voice-mail to audiences of his "Anger Management" tour recently.

I'll bet you Eminem is crapping himslef like a big black Alsatian at the thought of an angry Mariah being "after" him.

Eminem - thinks he's a lad

I don't know what's more pathetic:

a) that Eminem claimed to have an affair with Mariah when he didn't; or
b) that Emimen should be so heartless; or
c) that I should find these two complete morons so hilarious.

Although I do feel some sympathy for her, Mariah has only herself to blame.

Eminem is clearly a complete tosser and always will be.

She could never have changed him. You cannot polish a turd.

What a lad!


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