23 October 2005

Workshy Crime Buster Back to Work

A French police inspector has gone back to work after spending 12 years on paternity leave.

Ironically, despite being absent for two-thirds of his career Mr Krasker is now eligible for a promotion to chief inspector.

Eric Krasker with tramp look-alike Beetles legend

No doubt Krasker will be going on strike soon in line with French tradition.


Anonymous Eric Krasker said...

During my 12 years paternity leave I reared five (!) children and wrote two academic books which are regarded today by international specialists as "must read" publications. Do you really think the word "workshy" is adapted to my situation?
Secondly, you should know that under no circumstances French policemen are allowed to go on strike...
Warmest Regards,
Eric Krasker

9:35 pm  
Anonymous Eric Krasker said...

PS: Thirdly, the photo shows the REAL Paul McCartney, and not a look-alike as claimed on the caption. That was on May 31st 1989 at Le Bourget airport, near from Paris (Besides, a part of Paul's plane can be seen in the background). That day was dedicated to the promotion of his brand new album, "Flowers In The Dirt".

10:11 pm  

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