21 November 2005


The ancient artform of yoga is practised all around the world.

From India....

To Ireland...

20 November 2005

Kleenex Cleans Up

With the proliferation of free porn on the internet, and clockwork laptops, it does not take someone with a brain a big as Einstein to work out that now would be a good time to invest in tissue manufacturing companies.

Just remember, you read it here first.

Pods out for a Job

Some people are literally willing to get their balls out to advance their career. Take Misha Sulpovar for example.

This dude not only got his plums out at a job fair but he also coloured his pods in with a highlighter pen.

What's more, this joker called it 'art'.

19 November 2005

Milkman has the 'Bone'

Next time you complain that shagging your Doris is like shagging a corpse, spare a thought for 69-year-old ex-milkman and devoted necrophiliac Howard Lewis.

He slept with his 79-year-old wife, Elizabeth, for five months after her death.

Elizabeth - unavailable for comment

Posh Makes a Tit Out of Herself

Legal papers disclosed as part of a libel case brought by the Beckhams have revealed that Victoria Beckham has had a boob job.

Begs the question, "why didn't she get her face fixed when she was there?"

Turds Fit for a King

I heard that Queen Elizabeth receives two turds in the post every day.

What I want to know is who is sending the other one...

The Best Things in Life

I went to my local bank and very politely asked for $1m. The teller laughed in my face when I said that I didn’t have an account with that bank.

Now I am facing a ten-stretch for armed robbery.

I think that Luther Vandross must have been having me on when he sang, "The Best Things in Life are Free".

I wonder if Luther has conned others in a similar way?

16 November 2005

You speak English?

Here are some classic true signs that have appeared across Asia.

Yes, rubbish can be cruel, rude and possess characteristics of the devil.

Little girls writing thank you letters which are a little too thankful!

When buying a.....

.... go to....

09 November 2005

Kate's dreaming of a white Christmas

An investigation in London has found that the River Thames is awash with cocaine, with an estimated 80,000 lines of the drugs being passed into the river everyday.

Not surprisingly Kate Moss has taken a break from her rehab to go for a little swim.

Moss - soaking it all up

Yum yum

There's nothing better on a hot day that a large glass of...