21 December 2005

Double Meaning URLs

Note: think twice about how you word your URL when setting up a website

Here are some people who didn't

Who Represents

Experts Exchange

Pen Island

Therapist Finder

Gas Heating

15 December 2005

Model Citizen

A teenager from Dakota has been charged with indecent exposure after being caught having sex with a mannequin in a department store.

If sex with dummies is illegal in the US then tell me how Bush got to be a father.

10 December 2005

Rooney Tune

I wonder what tune Ronaldo is playing on Rooney's 'skin flute'.

Balls Out

Academics at a Scottish University have spent over US$70,000 proving that hangovers make you feel tired and reduce your ability to concentrate.

What utter nonsense. Drink is good. It increases your confidence and has been used by fat chicks as a means of getting laid for years.

Drunk Scottish researcher with his pods out

07 December 2005

Cheesed off

An 18 year old woman mistook a lump of cheese... for cocaine!

Ok then, excuse me while I go and inject my veins with soy-sauce and pop some croutons.

Not only that, this sad excuse for a person hired a hit man to kill 4 men, the hit man turned out to be a cop!

She's now in jail, which she has probably mistaken for her living room.