22 October 2006

Drugs are for Mugs!?

Getting busted for taking cocaine and going out with a complete no-hoper drug addict seems to have done Kate Moss' career nothing but good as she continues to earn millions.

I attempted to deploy a similar career advancement strategy by going on a drunken rampage in the office last week, fuelled on a cocktail of gin, wine, cigarettes and coffee.

Imagine my surprise when my efforts were greeted by my employers with little more than disdain and a written warning for destroying company property.

This is a perfect example of double standards. What is the world coming to?

Moss - eye for a deal


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Susan said...

erm, can you stop shamelessly selling your shit on this otherwise-very-cool blog?

If I wanted to make extra cash in my spare time I would sell my bootie for $1 an hour.

3:39 pm  
Anonymous Josh said...

You must have a rank bootie if it is only worth $1 per hour.

Actually, I'm pretty broke so I'll have me some of that. Do you do freebies if I promise to muff dive you?

3:41 pm  

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