17 October 2006

Man Arrested for Farting

A Polish man (Hoffman) is on the run from the police because he farted when asked what he thought of the President!

Hoffman airing his views in police custody yesterday

Thanks goodnes they don't apply the same rules in England, as if you ask any pensioner what they think of Tony Blair they will spontaneously "lay-a-cable" on the spot, and no doubt find themselves doing a ten-stretch in chokey for their trouble!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since when has farting been a crime?

10:41 am  
Anonymous Dave said...

At a time when burglars and crack-heads are released without sentence I find it extraordinary that a man could be convicted for simply criming one off.

10:41 am  
Anonymous Finbar said...

Jonny Fartpants would turn in his grave.

10:42 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This morning someone in my office failed to flush a huge steaming turd that a full-grown alpha-male gorilla would have been proud of. Are you telling me that this person should escape justice simply because the offending stool was deposited in the toilet?

1:49 pm  

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