22 October 2006

McCartney Hypocrisy

Paul McCartney won't eat sausages but he is quite happy to have ivory on his piano keyboard. Does he really expect us to believe that if they started making pianos out of sausages that he'd suddenly start eating elephants again?

Frankly I am glad he is being fleeced by a monogambist profiteer.

Bearded McCartney - not smiling now


Anonymous Anonymous said...

chances are the piano you speak of is older than Paul himself. If Paul commissioned to have the elephant killed for his keys than you got a point. Meat goes bad but bones are forever and who is he to deny a real work of art even if the materials were stolen by poachers beyond his time? By wearing non leather clothing, eating veggies, and playing antique pianos, i think Paul isn't doing any harm to the Animal Kingdom in this, the year of our lord 2007.

2:10 pm  

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